Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dang Bagels

Why oh why can’t I stop eating a bagel each morning?? Stupid work cafeteria. They taste so good, are the equivalent of like 4 pieces of bread, and just make me hungry when I finish them. They are bad news. Giving up bagels is a goal of mine. Some people struggle with smoking, but I struggle with bagels.

Smoothie this morning was 1 orange, ½ bag frozen peaches, romaine, kale and three sprigs of mint, water of course for consistency. Thanks to the book, Green for Life, by Victoria Boutenko we now skip the glass and go right to the jug of smoothie. It does energize me in the morning (until I eat my bagel). Lunch consisted of a small, fat free refried bean burrito. It was supposed to consist of a salad of Romaine, cut up fresh, local asparagus, and some Annie’s Gingerly Vinaigrette. The vinaigrette ruined it. I guess some people like it or they would not make it, but it was gross!! I think I will stick to homemade next time. Still ate the asparagus, yummm! Apple, nuts, and coffee for afternoon snack. Dinner was a faux Reuben using tempeh. I think I have had too many of these and am over it. It was good while it lasted.

The best news, while my boyfriend and Butch were at agility practice, I ran a little bit with Bella. Huge strides... well baby steps. I also got in all my supplements today while I was at work: Calcium, Vitamin D, B12, and my multivitamin. Also remembered my thyroid pill before work. So far so good.

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